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It's no secret that the Bahamas has great surf, but to this day it remains relatively uncrowded.  It's uncrowded because although the surf is solid when it happens, it' s pretty inconsistent, the winds are on-shore a lot, it's expensive and logistically it's a bit of a challenge to get there.  On the other hand, if you monitor the swell forecast, have access to aircraft and accomodations, and know where to find the surf, then the   Bahamas can provide world class surf on it's day.


  The Spots

If you're a regular visitor to then you know we don't name spots.   We'll show you pics and drop lots of hints, but we're not gonna piss off locals and we're not going to point you straight to a particular spot.  Anyone who already knows the deal in the Bahamas, knows.  If you don't, then we're glad to give an overview, the rest is up to you.

The Bahamas has several known surf spots from Walker's Cay in the North, all the way down to Rum Cay in the South, and many in between.  Most spots are accessible by land, and many more are not.   The surf is primarily reef breaks, but there are some beach breaks, and a few point breaks over reef as well.  There are also plenty of offshore reefs and passes that, if the winds, tide, and swell direction are all favorable, rival any reef pass in the South Pacific.

The Season

The primary surf season is November through April when the Atlantic winter is in full swing,  but during summer when the tropics fire up, The Bahamas gets unobstucted, long period swell from hurricanes deep in the Atlantic basin, allowing for some off season action.

   Getting There

There are daily flight out of West Palm, Lauderdale, and Miami.  These commercial flights are typically sold out and some are very difficult to get boards on, since they don't fly big jets into the outer islands.


During the winter months especially from Mid December through the end of March accomodations are very hard to come by.  Clearly, The Bahamas are a popular destination for holiday travelers from the U.S. and Europe.

There are many rental properties to choose from in the islands, and many are booked well in advance, so a last minute trip to the islands can be difficult, but it's defintely not impossible.  The same applies to hotels.  We recommend renting a house or cottage so you have a kitchen, and if you've got a few people in the group it cuts down on the price.


   Our Trip

We've spent years dialing in our Bahamas trip and now we'd like to offer it to you. 

  Here's the deal:

When the swell forecast looks good for the Bahamas we contact our network of rental properties and find out which ones are available over the dates when the swell is set to hit.

Then we contact our Private Air Charter companies and find out how many seats are available on a flight for the departure date chosen.  We use several carriers based out of West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale, and The Bahamas.  Typically, there is availablity.  If not, we look into chartering a plane.  

Chartering a plane is definately more expensive, but the flexiblity it allows is worth it. Most regularly scheduled flights leave late morning, or in the afternoon, and require check-in, security, board fees, it's basically a giant hassle.  With a charter we can have you out of here before the sun comes up, and you'll be in the water for a glassy morning sesh.

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There are no set prices when your traveling to the Bahamas to surf.  You have to look into what's available on any given day and go with that.  What we can guarantee is that if you time it right, you'll be surfing world class reef breaks with just you and your friends, and maybe a handfull of locals, who are mostly pretty cool.  If you want to go for an extended trip, or week long holiday, we can get you on a boat and you'll be surfing alone. 


It's hard to get good footage of yourself and your friends in the surf.  No one wants camera duty.  We'll arrange for a photographer to capture your sessions.

   Book A Trip

If you have any interest in last minute surf travel to the outer islands in the Bahamas get on our list and we'll notify you when we're putting a trip together.

We can do this trip for 1 person or up to 6 people, and we can accomodate boards.

If you'd like to book an extended trip with private air we can accomodate that as well.

We use only established air charter companies who fly these routes daily, and comply with all FAA flight safety regulations.


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