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- The North Shore with Darrick Doerner

-Meteorologist James Wieland Interview

Rip Curl Pro Search 2008

Globe Pro Fiji

Police Concert

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Bahamas '07

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    Surf Conditions for Southeast Florida - Miami to Jupiter Inlet

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Sunday, March 7,

Regional Summary.

Long period NE swell continues with offshores early then turning onshore around midday.





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We're now Booking Trips to Bocas del Toro...




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Liquid Element goes frozen.  Check out our insane heli trip


ASP News and Webcasts and Other Stuff

- Slater caps off the year with a win at the Pipe Masters ...Event Site 

- James Wieland interview 11/08

- Kelly Slater wraps up his 9th World Title at Mundaka, Spain

- "Ace" Buchan takes the Quick Pro France

- Slater Wins Again

- Hanna Swell Pics

- Surfline feature April 16th, '08

- Playa Negra sequence

 - Red Bull 360 "Inside Tahiti"

 - The Facts about Dan Fowlie and The Real History of Pavones...

 - Bruce Irons Wins Somewhere in Indo....

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